Ren faire dating site

Laugh and partake at The Betrothal Game, a witty twist to the TV game show The Dating Game.

If thou likest it, then thou shouldst have put thine ring upon it.

The more sharp objects you have on your person the better.

Now we come to the part I know you are looking forward to. I want you to imagine cleavage as far as the eye can see.

States are listed first and dates are codified to facilitate searching by state and by date.

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Sample juicy turkey legs, delectable pickles, scrumptious crepes and dozens of other delightful treats as you explore our fair village.

Don’t miss our spectacular fire juggling, cannon and battle performances, sword fighting demonstrations and Renaissance English Pike and Foote displays, and for the more sparkly of heart, our Faerie Court offers dances and capering for those who wish to join in.

Enjoy our village, from our hearty peasants busy at their bread oven to our rambunctious Romani, but beware the Hangman’s Acre, where the rascals of the town oft end up in the stocks!

These true-to-life jousters will surprise and delight with their live steel swordsmanship and daring deeds, clashing with one another in genuine full-contact competitive matches.

Everyone in attendance will want to witness the pageantry and peril that only these brave knights and their warhorses can bring to the battlefield.

This can clearly be seen in the amount of time and money spent in places such as bars with the hope that if enough drinks are bought for an individual that a person may get "lucky" that evening.

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