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If someone shy steers clear of this piece because all they know is that its entry is an over-sized vagina flanked with Caligulan phallus-like sculptures, we will have missed an important opportunity to share this piece with exactly the kind of person who should really be seeing it. They’ll get to touch and grab all kinds of genitalia, different forms that are free of sexual orientation.The hope is that a viewer can go in alone and experience arousal or pleasure by empathizing with a sexual orientation they, or others, haven’t allowed them to identify with.It is human nature to gather knowledge which incites understanding and meaning, but how do we get to that endpoint of “meaning?” Recently, Kanye West and Pharrell went a little philosophical on us all and gave a rare insight into functions, knowledge, perception and understanding. feature=player_embedded&v=k Q8JDohrm Jc The above snippet is from a Q&A for Pharrel’s new book titled at Design in Miami, where none other than Kanye West dropped in for a quick question.Deborah Kass's (2013) at Paul Kasmin Gallery If you think brainy conceptual art can't be hilarious, think again.Over the span of her career, Deborah Kass has made a point of infiltrating the male-dominated art conversation (and market) by creating feminist riffs on classic pieces of man-made art, inserting herself into Warhol's fright-wig self-portraits, for instance. In 1962, Ed Ruscha painted his famous and revolutionary , is utterly mesmerizing.The producer challenges the normal understanding of perception, the process of selecting, organizing and the interpretation of knowledge in order to give understanding and ultimately lend meaning.

It is thought provoking], but the most valuable point Pharrell raises is how perception can be influenced by knowledge and its relation to understanding the function.Both are highly respected artists and icons of not just hip-hop, but also the creative design world.Going toe to toe is a recipe for some serious knowledge.The way I grew up as a kid [in Austin, Texas], there were so many rules about who you were supposed to be sexually.In school, one’s sexual decisions could be social suicide.Though it can be hard to see how he neatly fits in with current art, his work operates in dialogue with the neons in Tracey Emin's new Mo CA North Miami show, the work of Jason Rhoades, and the wall pieces of Bruce Nauman—but from a unique and eccentric angle.

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