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The Adobe Flash plug-in lets you hear and see Flash audio and video content on Chrome on your computer.

If you're using a mobile device, Flash won't work on Chrome.

The Flash plugin automatically updates itself by default.

If Mozilla's Plugin Check page or Adobe's test page says that Flash is outdated and you don't want to wait for the automatic update, you can update Flash manually by downloading and installing the latest version from Adobe.

However, certain site features may suddenly stop working and leave you with a severely degraded experience. We strongly urge all our users to upgrade to modern browsers for a better experience and improved security.

If your web browser is randomly being redirected to the “WARNING! Please upgrade to continue” pop-ups then your computer might be infected with an adware program. This type of adware programs are bundled with other free software that you download off of the Internet.

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See the Adobe Security bulletins and advisories page for information about security and stability issues affecting Adobe Flash Player and other Adobe products.

These flash games focus on trying to find someone you like and then convincing them to go on a date with you.

Adobe® Flash® Player is a lightweight browser plug-in and rich Internet application runtime that delivers consistent and engaging user experiences, stunning audio/video playback, and exciting gameplay.

The Adobe Flash Player browser plugin lets you view video and animated content in Firefox.

This article has information about testing, installing, updating, uninstalling and troubleshooting the Adobe Flash plugin.

There are three different types of Flash Players: an Active X version for Internet Explorer, a Chrome version built-in the browser and a plugin version for Firefox and some other browsers.

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