Pepsi expiration dating


I have been a big Dew drinker for many years and I am highly disappointed that you have done this!!!This taste reminds me of when Coke changed their flavor. That's only difference but why does smaller one taste so horrible? I have just opened a bottle of Pepsi Max and quite frankly it tastes disgusting and I was wondering if someone tampered with it!! I had that same problem with other diet drinks, that's when I found Pepsi Max. I know other people, friends and acquaintances who feel the same way. If anyone is a lover of Pepsi Twist/Diet Pepsi Twist you can order Pepsi Twist from Amazon. If you are a Pepsi Twist lover, please email Pepsi and/or call their Consumer Relations number.Although you might want to check to see if there are any restrictions about selling food that has past its ex-date on ebay. The aspartame (artificial sweetener) breaks down and starts to taste bad. I don't know if it's true for the newer sweetener, Splenda, which is supposed to act more like regular sugar. If your ad displayed knowledge of what mattered to keep the soda in better condition it would make me more likely to bid.ETA: Too slow Soda has a "best if used by" date, not an expiration date. Not that I'd buy any food product on e-bay, but hypothetically speaking.

Now, for the last three months, everyone I know, including my family and I noticed a awful taste.

I would think there should be absolutely no legal trouble with selling it after that (IANAL). The expiration dates for regular soda sweetened with sugar or corn syrup like Mountain Dew are probably just fine to drink 6-12 months past the date.

I think it's there to get people to buy more soda and throw out their old. Mountain Dew doesn't have as much carbonation as other sodas anyway.

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I have bought soda (Diet Pepsi, mostly) from the little store on the corner by my place.

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