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It's that simple and does not require ANY further "cleaning"!

If you have a failed attempt at transferring a PCB image, simply wet a new paper towel with Acetone and wipe the toner image off, then go back and clean the board again with the Scotch Brite and a drop of soap.

Particulate count tests, which clue you into what may be contaminating your engine’s oil (be it soot, coolant, fuel, or dirt), are also the norm.

The best part about an oil analysis is that it’s cheap insurance.

Endotoxin (lipopolysaccharide [LPS]) increased NO synthase (NOS) activity and inducible NOS expression measured in lung and plasma levels of nitrite/nitrate, 6-oxo-prostaglandin (PG) F, plasma levels and prostacyclin synthase (PGIS) activity measured in the lung and aorta.

In vitro, PGIS activity in aorta rings was not modified by SNAP (NO donor), c PTIO slightly inhibited the enzyme but not in the presence of L-N-monomethyl arginine, and SNAP in combination with c PTIO significantly inhibited PGIS.

Capitalizing on the extensive E & M capability of the ATAL Group, we have established ourselves as a leading environmental technology solutions' provider offering reliable, comprehensive, and superior performance.

After uploading Green Diesel Engineering’s Eco tune to our ’05 Liberty CRD (which effectively disabled EGR) and adding a K&N air filter, we had a used engine oil sample analyzed.When compared to our previous (EGR-laced) oil analysis, we saw several improvements in the health of our oil.Check out the results below to see why you should be taking a closer look at your engine’s lifeblood.Thus, c PTIO may be beneficial in endotoxic shock because of NO scavenging and PGIS inactivation, which could be mediated by NO We reported elsewhere [1] that endothelial cells probably possess only 2 enzymes involved in the biosynthesis of prostanoids: cyclooxygenase (COX), also termed prostaglandin H (PGH) synthase, and prostacyclin synthase (prostaglandin I synthase; PGIS).The former catalyzes the transformation of arachidonic acid (AA) to prostaglandin (PG) H, a potent relaxing and platelet antiaggregation agent.The trick to successfully removing toner and Green TRF film is to ensure both the board and the paper are free from any moisture!

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