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I do not feel I am encouraging her to be delinquent.. Actually, the age of consent law simply says you would not be commiting a crime if she were to fall oner her back and say yes to you having your way with her.

It does NOT give her leave to run away, sneak out of the house, or do any of the other actions reserved for adults. And if it were MY daughter you were encouraging to sneak out and disobey my rules, and my curfew, I would do all I could to have you charged.

Like every other state, Ohio regulates what kind of conduct people can engage in with others depending on the ages of the people involved.

While dating a minor may not necessarily be illegal, certain activities are prohibited in Ohio.

Dad has given conditional consent telling her she has to wait until she is an adult, until then dad has say. If you are afraid her love and afeciton for you will diminish waiting less than 1 year, that doesn't say much about your relationship.

Like I said, I'm not asking her to ever break curfew or ever break her parents rules.

16 is the age of consent in the state of Ohio, but there are many factors that play into it.

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Beginning to date can be very challenging to tackle, not just for teenagers, but also for their parents.And once someone is over the age of 16, the worst that can happen from completely consensual sex is a Misdemeanor in the First degree of Corruption of a Minor, which is punishable by up to 180 days in the county jail and up to a 1000 dollar fine.So to answer the first post, although some time has passed, as long as she turns 14 before he turns 18 they would be alright, although if her parents really were against it she could get in trouble for whatever reason her parents want to conjure up 16 is the age of consent in the state of Ohio, but there are many factors that play into it.All states set the age of consent from 14 to 18; in more than half of the states, the age is 16.Sexlaws.org/answer_board is a good place to find the age of consent for your state as well as answers to other questions about minor relationships.Visit law.cornell.edu/ to see minor laws specific to your state.

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