Gujarath sex


Ahmedabad: A sex racket in Gujarat – in which leading members of the ruling BJP are said to be involved – has kicked up a storm in the state.

But as the case takes curious twists and turns, a citizens committee wonders if the woman who complained about being drawn into the racket will ever get justice.

India In an unusual incident, a 21-year-old woman was arrested and a 17-year-old boy was sent to juvenile home for having sexual intercourse. The two reportedly got upset after the families refused their demand to get married, considering the boy was still a minor.

In India, the legal age to marry is 21 years for men and 18 years for women.

Four of those arrested are local BJP leaders in Kutch.

Her allegations about being gangraped by ten men, and the subsequent details about the scandal, have led to the arrest of nine men mentioned in the FIR, filed two days after the initial complaint.Men come to the village from as far afield as Ahmedabad, Pakistan, Rajasthan, and Mumbai to buy sex, with rates beginning at 500 rupees (£5).The 600 inhabitants of Wadia are descendants of the nomadic Saraniya community.In figures, total literates in Gujarat are 41,948,677 out of which males are 23,995,500 and females are 17,953,177.The following table provides district wise relevant data of population, growth, sex ratio, literacy and density in Gujarat.In search of employment, she met a man identified as Bhababhai, alias Babushir, a mobile shop owner in Naliya.

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