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A friend said Gonzalez-Andujar's laptop was missing from the apartment, and sources said the killer may have taken it to prevent investigators from discovering e-mails between him and the victim.

A police official said detectives now believe the killer had fled by the time cops showed up.

There was no evidence that would have allowed police to go into the apartment, the official said.

The victim was discovered Tuesday, her naked body sprawled across the bed, when worried friends persuaded the landlord to open the door to her Glendale apartment.

Failure to comply with the NYCCHR’s views on gender identity, by committing what it deems to be “gender identity” based discrimination, can be punished with a fine of up to 0,000 — on top of other damages a complainant may be awarded.

In a video released with the update, Rad said: 'We had to invest the time to meet with our users, activists in the community ...

The apartment looked like it had been ransacked, but sources said it likely was the result of a struggle between the victim and her attacker.

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