Avika gor and manish raisinghani dating Lithuania video chat


But the surprising news is that Avika is now in a relationship as well and is dating one of her co-stars, who is 18 years older to her. Reports say that Avika is dating Manish Raisinghan, her co-star from the popular daily soap .

While the duo has always maintained that they are good friends, rumours are rife that Avika is in a steady relationship with Manish.

Manish had shared this picture on his Instagram account: Manish and Avika themselves mention in their social media posts that they are quite fond of each other and love each other's company.

Reports say that they often make appearances together as a couple at parties and social events, which only confirms their relationship status.

has transformed into a beautiful little teenager, is a fact that everyone knows, especially after her much-talked-about appearance at the Cannes Film Festival this May.

It is not new for actors who work together to fall in love with each other, and this is what has happened for these two rumoured lovebirds as well.

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And their Instagram pictures only add more fuel to the fire.

Here's one picture of the two that appeared on a popular Mumbai magazine that calls them an odd couple.

Avila said: Manish is a just few years younger than my father, so there is no scope for any romantic involvement.

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