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Her fiancé at the time, personal trainer Warren Riley, took the story to Woman's Day, after allegedly discovering a text exchange between the former Hi-5 member and her friend who asked her what was going on with Ryan.

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Mr and Mrs Andrews is an oil on canvas portrait of about 1750 by Thomas Gainsborough, now in the National Gallery, London.

Today it is one of his most famous works, but it remained in the family of the sitters until 1960 and was very little known before it appeared in an exhibition in Ipswich in 1927, after which it was regularly requested for other exhibitions in Britain and abroad, and praised by critics for its charm and freshness.

Mrs heard there was a Winterfest in North Bennington, so I after Goggling around finally “chili, Lions Club, and North Bennington” came up.

I printed the PDF map and schedule and we were ready to head east on Church Street.

The work is an unusual combination of two common types of painting of the period: a double portrait, here of a recently married couple, and a landscape view of the English countryside.

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